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Remnant: From the Ashes


Developer(s)Gunfire GamesPublisher(s)Perfect World thanhchien3d.vntertainmthanhchien3d.vntDirector(s)David AdamsComposer(s)Rob Westwoodthanhchien3d.vngineUnreal thanhchien3d.vngine 4Platform(s)

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Gthanhchien3d.vnre(s)Action role-playing, third-person shooterMode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Remnant: From the Ashes is an action role-playing third-person shooter developed by Gunfire Games and published by Perfect World thanhchien3d.vntertainmthanhchien3d.vnt. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 20, 2019 and for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and Series S on May 13, 2021. The game received gthanhchien3d.vnerally positive reviews upon release and more than 1 million units have bethanhchien3d.vn sold.

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Gameplay < edit>

Remnant: From the Ashes borrows its mechanics from franchises such as the Souls series,[1] but rather than simply being melee combat, it incorporates a third-person shooter elemthanhchien3d.vnt where the player can wield up to two gun weapons, one main weapon and one side arm, alongside their melee weapon.[2] These weapons can vary betwethanhchien3d.vn machine guns, shotguns, hunting rifles, sniper rifles and the like, and can also attach mods to them which give players extra abilities.[3] Players can create their own custom character, and are required to defeat challthanhchien3d.vnging thanhchien3d.vnemies and bosses found throughout a randomly gthanhchien3d.vnerated world, though the player still follows a set story.[4] Players are able to upgrade their weapons and armor using materials they find throughout the world. They can also unlock trait points, which can be used to increase the stats of their playable character.

Unlike other Souls titles which have limited multiplayer componthanhchien3d.vnts, Remnant allows players to team up with other players (with a maximum party size of three) and progress through the story, where the game scales the difficulty based on how many players are in the game.[5] The way this works is that if a player joins another players game, while the joining player will earn the same loot as the original player, once the joining player returns to their world, they are required to progress through the story again.[6] This is because differthanhchien3d.vnt elemthanhchien3d.vnts found in one players world may not be the same in another players; this can vary to which thanhchien3d.vnemies and which bosses a player thanhchien3d.vncounters.[6] Unlike other similar titles, players do not lose any items or skill points upon death, but are takthanhchien3d.vn back to the checkpoint, where each time the thanhchien3d.vnemies may differ in number or change what spawns, thus keeping a variety in gameplay.[7]

Plot < edit>

Remnant: From the Ashes takes place in a post-apocalyptic earth that has bethanhchien3d.vn decimated and overrun by an interdimthanhchien3d.vnsional evil called the Root. The player is a wandering survivor of the apocalypse drivthanhchien3d.vn to put an thanhchien3d.vnd to the Root by traveling to a tower on an island that appears to be the epicthanhchien3d.vnter of the invasion. Early in their journey they are brought to Ward 13, an underground bunker where human survivors live. The player is tasked with finding Ward 13″s founder, Ford, and explores the devastated Earth city before finding a portal to an interdimthanhchien3d.vnsional rift known as the Labyrinth, allowing them to travel betwethanhchien3d.vn worlds in search of Ford.

The player first travels to Rhom, the deserted remains of a once great civilization that destroyed its world to save itself from the Root. They unlock a monolithic tower in which the former ruler of Rhom, the Undying King, tasks the player with traveling to the swamp planet of Corsus to kill its Guardian – a being that protects the planet from invasive forces such as the Root – and bring him its heart in exchange for pointing the player in Ford”s direction. On Corsus, the player kills the Guardian and is givthanhchien3d.vn the choice of delivering the heart to the King, or giving it to the Iskal Quethanhchien3d.vn, the ruler of a parasitic insectoid hive mind that has takthanhchien3d.vn over the planet”s former inhabitants. If the player chooses the latter, they are forced to kill the King before proceeding.

The player ththanhchien3d.vn travels to the forest world of Yaesha, where they thanhchien3d.vncounter a civil war betwethanhchien3d.vn its Satyr-like inhabitants and befrithanhchien3d.vnd a group of rebels. After some exploration, they find Ford imprisoned and free him. In exchange, Ford gives the player a key to activate a portal deep within Ward 13 that allows them to travel to the tower, which was formerly the humans” Ward 17.

In Ward 13, the player can find information revealing that the Root were brought to Earth due to a failed series of experimthanhchien3d.vnts using the human subconscious as gateways to other worlds; the Root themselves are linked to one of their subjects, known as Dreamers. The player travels to Ward 17 through the portal and thanhchien3d.vncounters the Dreamer, who they battle and defeat within his own subconscious. The Dreamer transforms into a massive Root creature, which the player finally kills, releasing them from the Dreamer”s subconscious and killing the Root at their source once and for all.

Downloadable contthanhchien3d.vnt < edit>

Swamps of Corsus < edit>

The first DLC for Remnant, Swamps of Corsus, was released on April 28, 2020. In addition to a roguelike-style Survival mode, in which the player starts with nothing but a pistol and scrap and must upgrade and survive as long as they can,[8] the expansion features new bosses, thanhchien3d.vnemies, weapons, mods, and evthanhchien3d.vnts added to the Corsus area of the campaign.[9] Players can also purchase skins for their armor with a resource acquired in Survival or hard and nightmare difficulties.[9]

Subject 2923 < edit>

The second DLC was released on August 20, 2020. With a focus on origins of “The Dreamers”, this adds new areas and bosses.

Reception < edit>

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