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Download & Play Piano Tiles 2™, Piano Tiles 2™

Piano Tiles by Clean Master Games is commonly known as Don’t Tap the White Tile.

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It is available on both Google Play Store and App Store. Like Temple Run, it is also an endless rushing game which makes it more popular. If you love challenging games then you should play this game. To make this game more challenging you can play this on your PC using a mouse. Though the developers of this game did not develop any version for PC, still you can play Piano Tiles on Windows and Mac PC. If you are looking for how to download Piano Tiles 2 for PC. You can also use this guide to download Piano Tiles APK file if you do not have access to play store.

All About Piano Tiles 2

This game requires a few qualities like constant attention, focus, and strong reflexives. If you are lacking these qualities then it doesn’t mean that you can not play this game. The good part is that you can improve your reflexives and can improve your focus by playing this game.

There are White and Black Tiles which moves from top to bottom. The only rule of this game is that you are restricted to tap only Black Tile leaving the White Tiles untapped. That is why it is also known as “Don’t Tap the White Tile”.


Choose any one of the following methods to run Piano Tiles 2 on PC.

Run Android games inside your Chrome browser.Run Android games via BlueStacks.

Run and Download Piano Tiles 2 inside your Chrome browser

To run Piano Tiles inside your Chrome browser, all you need is a Chrome browser installed in your PC. Click on the link given below to follow the instructions.

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Note: The above-mentioned guide is not specifically for game Piano Tiles 2 but for general apps and games. But you can run Piano Tiles 2 in Chrome browser by following the guide step by step.

Download Piano Tiles 2 via BlueStacks

You can also play Piano Tiles 2 by downloading this game on PC via BlueStacks. For that purpose, you need to download and install BlueStacks on your PC.


The basic requirement to download BlueStacks on PC is that you should have installed Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Mac in your PC.

Download BlueStacks App Player

To run Android applications on your PC, you need an Android Emulator because Android apps do not run directly on Windows or Mac PC because their OS do not support Android apps or games. You must need some platform on which you can run Android apps.

There are many android emulators in the market but BlueStacks is one of the best among them. If you are already using BlueStacks then jump directly to “Download Piano Tiles 2“. In case you don’t have one, follow the link to download BlueStacks App Player.

Download Piano Tiles 2 APK on Windows Computer

Step 1: Setup your account on Google Play Store. If you have an account then skip this step. Step 2: Type “Piano Tiles 2” in the search bar and hit enter. Step 3: Click on the game from search results. Step 4: Click on the Install button to start the installation process. Step 5: The game will be placed in the App Drawer after the installation process has completed. Step 6: Now, Open App Drawer of BlueStacks. Step 7: You’ll see an icon of Piano Tiles 2 here. Click on it to start the game

Note: First you have to run BlueStacks in order to run any downloaded game.

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Now you are able to Download Piano Tiles 2 for PC. Download the game and enhance your reflexives. If you are facing any problem while downloading this game then let us know in the comments below.

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